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Day of the Girl 0

Empower girls with education

Seventeen year old Fyness is awakened by the movement of the goat she shares her living quarters with. In the distance, the sound of Cockerels breaks the predawn silence. It is time for her...

Save that drop of water 0

Save that drop: Malawi’s water woes

Like most countries in the Southern Africa region, Malawi has faced severe water stress in the past few years owing to low rainfall during the period. This has affected the generation of electricity as...

Kamuzu Central Hospital service delivery 2

Kamuzu Central Hospital service delivery

This afternoon my wife visited a relation who was bitten by a snake last Saturday evening and rushed to KCH the same night. The young man was given pain killers, put on a drip...

Litter bugs 0

Litter bugs

Street pole advertising seems to have taken root with almost every electricity pole decorated with some form of marketing message or the other. Over the past week I passed two work men and their...

Electricity demand to rise 70% by 2015 0

Electricity demand to rise 70% by 2015

The Ministry of Development Planning and Cooperation has said that electricity demand is expected to rise by 70% from the current 344 megawatts to 571 megawatts by 2015 and 854 megawatts by 2020.