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Are we learning from the happenings around us? 1

Are we learning from the happenings around us?

There is no doubt in my mind that there are a series of mini crises happening around us. Maybe none too serious to bring us to our knees… yet! We have water shortages in...

Inkosi Gomani’s last dance 0

Inkosi Gomani’s last dance

Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani IV is dead. It was only two days ago that we danced Ngoma together in Bawi. Retired Colonel Alex Kanjedza Gomani became the new Ngoni paramount chief in mid 2008...

Ngoni Festival or Ngoma 2

Ngoni Festival or Ngoma

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Ngoma in Bawi. It’s a traditional Ngoni Festival held once every two years and features traditional ngoni dances from Ntcheu, Dedza, Mzimba and Mozambique to mention a...

The (mini)case for more city roads and better public transport 2

The (mini)case for more city roads and better public transport

The other evening I was meeting up with a mate for a business discussion at Chameleon bar across town. I set off from Area 47 at 6:25pm for the 6:30pm meeting. I expected to...

Nation Wide Blackout 0

Nation Wide Blackout

Electricity Supply Corporation (ESCOM) employees were on strike for a good part of the week, demanding portions of their pension contributions. Management seemed to have been pushing the blame to their fund managers for...

RIP Musamude Fumulani 0

RIP Musamude Fumulani

Death has robbed yet again us of a talented and entertaining musician, Musamude Fumulani. The band leader of Black Missionaries succumbed to TB yesterday in Blantyre. Rest in peace homeboy.

Silver fans, how dare you? 1

Silver fans, how dare you?

Recently Reserve Bank announced that it would stop bank rolling Silver Strikers football club in addition to selling the stadium and club house. This was sad news for the well financed club, it’s supporters...

Check those expiry labels carefully!! 0

Check those expiry labels carefully!!

on Sunday I went to a retail chain store with my wife looking for some juice for my son. She picked up the bottle but put it back saying there was no expiry date...

Kamuzu International Airport car park ticket 3

KIA car park permit

Have you ever taken time to look closely at your Kamuzu International Airport parking permit? I do and it is always suspect. The cashier, on most occasions, makes sure he does not stamp the...