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Lake Malawi, the lake of stars 0

Nature for Water

We have every reason to ensure our beautiful Lake Malawi is kept clean and bustling with life. It provides food, livelihoods, drinking water and power for millions. It is also one of our major...

Reflecting on the year gone by in the lake of stars 0

D Check

In the commercial and civil aviation industry, aircrafts undergo periodic inspections known as checks. I had previously only heard of A, B and C checks and only came to know about D checks recently.

Save that drop of water 0

Save that drop: Malawi’s water woes

Like most countries in the Southern Africa region, Malawi has faced severe water stress in the past few years owing to low rainfall during the period. This has affected the generation of electricity as...

Malawi loves cash transactions 0

Malawi’s Cash Addiction

Have you ever been forced to abandon your shopping at the supermarket till because the lone POS device ‘is not working’? Very typical in the retail sector in Malawi where traders just love the...

African leaders, you are also human! 0

African leaders, you are also human!

Death has today taken the life of another African leader, the sixth in 36 months. While the illness of Guinea-Bissau’s President Malam Bacai Sanha seemed to have been in the public domain and as...

The tech solutions we fail to embrace 2

The tech solutions we fail to embrace

I am looking at a newspaper cut out on my desk, an advert for pre-qualification for supply of goods and services. The organisations seems interesting and I reckon if I submit my interest my...