Charges Multichoice can’t seem to explain

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  • can you put a title on this post… will help me click through to its unique page.

  • i LOVE this blog. please rename it Malawi's unofficial bureau of standards. please put an email address so that we can email our observations in. i know of current ongoing complaints about passengers being forced to stand on AXA country commuter, so that conductors can pocket the extra cash… and don't get me started on OIBM.

  • Acacia, I may have been so livid I forgot to put a title. I am updating my blog in the coming weeks and shall provide an email address. And thanks for reading!

  • vee

    Day-light robbery! $500 charge for paying in cash! — And this is legal in Malawi?

  • when you pay cash there are no extras, when you pay a cheque no extras, when you mix the cash attracts this K500 ($3.50). it's just very suspicious!