KIA car park permit

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  • I apologize for sticking this on an unrelated post but I wondered if you might have a thought or two on cell phones. My brother is travelling from the U.S. to live in rural Malawi for the next few years and I understand it is unlikely there will be land lines in the area where he will be. I want to help get him set up with a cellular phone and I’m wondering if it makes sense to get him a phone or a plan here in the US or for him to get everything either in South Africa or Malawi. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi Mike,

    If you want to get him a phone, you can but you will find plenty here on sale too! If you do get one, just make sure it’s a GSM 900 or 1800. If you want more information check out or Have a great day.

  • Great post! I will definitely watch that guy next time.