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  • I strongly agree that we should have a specification for suffrage, but I don’t think that discriminating other people according to their education attainment would be the best way out. I think that using tax information would be more efficient than what we have now. I just think that we need a better way of keeping count of who is really voting and for those people running, they need to clearly state their platforms. We just don’t want to have tirades amongst politicians.I understand how manipulative some politians can be, but I isn’t that the polical game that all other nations play??
    I just feel like multi-party democracy hasn’t worked to the benefit of the working class in Malawi. Moving to totaritarian/communism, wouldn’t be the best way out either. But yes I feel like Democracy in general works in nations that have high literacy rates and where good estimates on population data is available……. I like your topic and I also really wish we had absentee ballot….