The (mini)case for more city roads and better public transport

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  • vee

    Hear Hear Austin!! I would like to see the widening of all major roads in the city as well. Since Lilongwe was already planned to have dual / triple carriage roads, this shouldn't be difficult to implement as there is limited infrastructure close to most of the main roads limiting expansion,… well except for power lines.

    Let's hope after the completion of Japanese funded/ Jo'burg mentored Lilongwe city development strategy / Master Plan in a years time, we'll start to see major changes in Lilongwe.

    check out these links for more info on the development strategy.

    And also — whenever you can — could you pls add pictures of any major developments in the city — be it the New Nico mall or the parliament building on your blog.



  • Hi Vee,

    Interesting stuff. When I was talking about this someone confirmed these developments. And immediately after I wrote this article I heard of some SA initiative to introduce public transport along the lines of the newly introduced Rea Vaya in Joburg. Good stuff!!

    Not much work on the shopping complex but the parliament building is looking good. Will get some shots soon.